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Allan Tépper to give seminars in 2 Colombian cities in May

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Producer-director Moustapha Akkad made a true labor out of The Message, which seeks nothing to a lesser degree to distinguish the story of the origins of Islam. Akkad would as well cook Lion of the Desert and administrator-acquire the Halloween pictures. Also included in the 2-disc set is the Arabic-language version of the picture show, which was guessing simultaneously with different actors. Akkad had I major jumping; he couldn't act the person or vocalizer of Mohammad himself, intrinsically things are traditionally forbidden in Islam. To say the least, this presents an interesting tale demand. It's a supernatural device, but the astonishing thing is how often you forgo it. Akkad tackles it by having characters address the camera-as-Mohammad, or having disciples leave of Mohammad's tent to utter what the prophet has precisely said. (It comes without English subtitles.) It runs about 20 notes longer than the English version; Akkad explains, in a helpful 44-minute making-of flick, that Arab styles of storytelling (including pacing) and acting are rather different than in the West.

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Tépper will present all of these topics in Castilian. For more details regarding the topics, dates, times, and registration information, visit the Castilian version of this post here.

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