Auphonic iOS Recorder 1.2 is a quantum leap improvement

Auphonic iOS Recorder 1.2 adds missing features I requested and now even surpasses the Android version.

In July 2016, I wrote a detailed article, where I made a complete list of wonderful features of the Android version of Auphonic Recorder, the then many missing features in the iOS version, and the very few missing ones in the Android one. Now, version 1.2 for iOS has addressed all of the issues and has become even stronger than the Android version (except for editing). In fact, in some situations, Auphonic iOS Recorder 1.2 (which works with iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) is now often better for the RØDE i-XLR device (which I recently reviewed) than the current native version of the RØDE Reporter app. Ahead I’ll cover all of the improvements, why the iOS version now beats the Android version, and when it even beats the RØDE Reporter app for the i-XLR device. Read the full article free in ProVideo Coalition magazine…

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