BeyondPodcasting 1: Sacred terminology — podcast, radio and television

In BeyondPodcasting episode 1, Allan Tépper and guest Memo Sauceda discuss sacred terminology and its proper use: podcast, radio and television… on-demand, by appointment, prerecorded and truly live. References are made to Casey Kasum’s and Javier Romero’s musical countdown radio shows, as well as the classic Car Talk. This episode is brought to us in part by Descript, the transcription-text-audio-caption/subtitle editor that auto-transcribes audio via voice-to-text, lets us manually correct/edit the text and have the audio reflect the corresponding changes instantly. BeyondPodcasting listeners can get 100 minutes of free auto-transcription for a limited time by visiting Allan Tépper and Memo Sauceda also introduce one another and discuss how future episodes will cover microphones, interfaces, preamplifiers, A-to-D converters, software and more. Listen free now or subscribe free…

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