Panasonic announces AG-HMC80, the HMC40’s big sister

Shoulder mounted, standard XLR inputs, manual focus ring are among the improvements

At NAB 2010, Panasonic announced the AG-HMC80, a bigger sister of the AG-HMC40, whose main improvements include a shoulder-mount shape/size, standard XLR inputs (as opposed to a US$300 option with the HMC40), and a manual focus ring (not available with the HMC40). Many ProVideo Coalition readers will already be familiar with Adam Wilt’s extensive review on the HMC40, and at NAB, Panasonic officials said that the HMC80’s optics, sensor, and recording modes are the same as with the HMC40. In this preview article, I’ll go into other differences between the HMC80 and its little sister, its European cousin, price, competition, and potential applications. (Read the rest here…)