Why the iPad will dictate your shooting framerate & shutter speed

Back in 2008, I published an article called AppleTV, WDTV, or Blu-ray: Which one is best to distribute your HD project? In the few weeks that have passed since Apple’s launch of the iPad, it has become clear that the iPad will likely be a much more popular content consumption device than any of the other three. In that 2008 article, I explained that the highest HD resolution compatible with the AppleTV was 720p25, despite misinformation on Apple’s own multinational websites, which underrated it at 720p24 (and continue to do so). Fortunately, the iPad beats that, with a maximum published supported framerate of 30. This article is about how the iPad will now dictate your shooting framerate & shutter speed, especially if you want to have a consistent look on all possible outputs, including broadcast TV, the web, and the iPad. (Read the rest here…)