First look: Cinema FV–5 for Android, similar to FiLMiC Pro for iOS

With USB audio coming to Android, I began to explore Cinema FV–5 and initiated talks with the developer.

I recently covered how proper digital USB audio is coming to Android (link ahead), which means that iOS devices like iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch will now face some healthy competition for audio/video production. That’s why I purchased and began conversing with the developer of an Android app called Cinema FV–5, which is similar to FiLMiC Pro on iOS. Initially, I’ll be using Cinema FV–5 with the Sony Exmor IMX214 sensor (f/2.0 aperture, 13MP, 4K DCI and UHD) in the OnePlus One phablet/phone. Ahead you’ll see features, a demo, and the developer’s response to my first comments and questions. Read the full article free in ProVideo Coalition magazine…

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