First look: iRig Mic HD 2 digital microphone from IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia just announced the successor to the iRig Mic HD microphones, which I have reviewed previously. Let’s explore the important improvements.

Our friends from IK Multimedia in Italy have just announced the successor to the iRig Mic HD microphones, which I have reviewed previously. I wrote the word “microphones” in plural because the original iRig Mic HD models have been offered in two different bundles, depending upon whether they include a Lightning cable (for iOS devices like iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) or a Micro USB-OTG cable (for certain Android models which are OTG-compliant and have a Micro USB connection). Either one of those bundles of the original model can become completely cross-platform by purchasing the missing cable or adapter. Let’s explore the main published improvements in the new iRig Mic HD 2 model, which I’ll later verify personally when I receive the review unit and test it. Read the full article free in ProVideo Coalition magazine…

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