Sony PXW-X70 camcorder finally graduates to 100Mbs 4K UHD with firmware 3.0

Sony finally fulfilled its promise to upgrade the PXW-X70 to 100 Mb/s 4K UHD.

article by Allan Tépper
Back in 2015, I published several articles about the Sony PXW-X70 camcorder, which offered an optional paid upgrade to 4K UHD, but initially constrained it to only 60Mb/s, instead of the customary 100Mb/s on nearly any other professional or consumer camcorder. Our friends at Mexican-based CineDigitalTV demonstrated the limitations of the 60Mb/s 4K UHD recordings when there is substantial movement. Now with firmware version 3.0, Sony has finally allowed PXW-X70 to users to record 4K UHD at 100Mb/s, and CineDigitalTV again makes a very fair test to show how good the quality can be now, as you’ll see ahead in its video. There are also several other features and upgrades in the 3.0 firmware upgrade which I cover. Read the full article free in ProVideo Coalition magazine…

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